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We're Here, Gulfport!

Greg and Tracy Hagin officially opened their Salad Station doors in Gulfport, Mississippi on June 9th.

The Hagins were not looking for a franchise when they discovered Salad Station. In fact, Greg was just a few years away from retirement, and he and Tracy had plans to drive a camper around the country. However, their genuine love of the brand opened their eyes to a new calling.

The couple, who fell in love with the Salad Station brand after deciding to improve their physical health, has received tremendous support from the community. Jenny F. said, “The options are endless and delicious! Y’all need to check it out!” People continued to line up throughout opening day, where lunch felt like a party as prizes were given out, pictures were taken, and the excitement didn’t stop.

The opening was followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 16th, where the Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce was present, as well as many others within the community. Scott Henderson, Salad Station co-founder and President, was excited to see the community support: “Greg and Tracy have done such a great job connecting with their community. They knew there was a big demand for healthy eating options in this region, and they truly capitalized on it. I believe the Hagins will continue to be an unstoppable force in the Gulfport community.”

Since opening up to franchising in 2015, Salad Station has provided many satisfied franchisees with a simplified business model, flexible operations, family-friendly hours, a low cost of entry, and an innovative approach to healthy eating. Now, Salad Station is looking to partner with hardworking, family-focused individuals who are eager to dedicate themselves to growing the brand.

The brand’s streamlined operations add to its franchising appeal. Since a store does not require the use of grills or other complex restaurant equipment, managers can focus on hiring employees who will provide the brand’s signature excellent customer service. What’s more, the brand continues to innovate their menu and now includes on-the-spot chop-and-wrap options.

The Hagins were already thrilled they decided to franchise with Salad Station, and the outpour of love since they opened has simply solidified that decision. “It’s been a long journey to get here, but we are glad to have a place where you can come and eat some healthy food and take a break from your workday. We are really overwhelmed and thankful for all the support,” Greg stated.

Gulfport Salad Station is located at 15628 Crossroads Pkwy in Gulfport, MS. Business hours are Monday-Saturday 10 AM – 7:30 PM.

To learn more about franchising with Salad Station, visit

Written by Salad Station, 2021

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