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Updated: May 5

Hagin Family. Salad Station Franchising
Hagin Family - Salad Station Gulfport Franchisees.

Husband-and-wife duo Greg and Tracy Hagin never imagined they would adopt vegan or vegetarian-leaning lifestyles, but after they decided to improve their physical health, the Gulfport, Mississippi residents found a haven in pay-by-the-pound concept The Salad Station.

For Greg, who has diabetes, and for Tracy, who has always struggled with high blood pressure, the chance to try a restaurant that offered more than 100 salad toppings and a daily hot bar was just too good to pass up.

“My wife and I have been trying to be more health-conscious in the last couple years,” Greg Hagin said. “All of our kids know that we’re on this kick and our step daughter saw a flyer in the mail about The Salad Station location 20 minutes away in D’lberville.”

They soon became hooked on the brand’s fresh, clean, and nourishing food, and found themselves driving to the D’Iberville store (which first opened in December 2018) on a regular basis to get their salad fix. The Salad Station offers fresh, local ingredients in a family-friendly atmosphere that reflects the brand’s farming roots. The brand’s pay-by-the-pound model is in line with the company value of creating less waste and makes it easy for the Hagins to design meals that are both healthy and satisfying.

“The first time we ate there, we loved it and it just felt right,” Hagin said. “We also admired their philosophy of closing on Sundays.”

The Hagins soon realized they were also sitting on a major business opportunity. Since opening up to franchising in 2015, The Salad Station has been providing satisfied franchisees with a simplified business model, flexible operations, family-friendly hours, a low cost of entry and an innovative approach to healthy eating. Now, The Salad Station is looking to partner with hardworking, family-focused individuals that are eager to dedicate themselves to growing the brand.

The brand’s streamlined operations add to its franchising appeal. Since a store does not require the use of grills or other heavy machinery, managers can focus on hiring employees who will provide the brand’s signature excellent customer service. What’s more, the brand continues to innovate their menu and now includes on-the-spot chop-and-wrap options.

The Hagins were not looking for a franchise when they discovered The Salad Station. In fact, Greg was just a few years away from retirement, and he and Tracy had plans to drive a camper around the country, but their genuine love of the brand opened their eyes to a new calling. The Salad Station will be their first business, and their Gulfport restaurant is currently scheduled to open in the spring of 2021. Through their restaurant, the Hagins plan to get even more involved in their community and with local charities.

“The Salad Station is just something that we believe in,” Hagin said. “I’ve lived my whole life here in Mississippi. It feels like, culturally, this part of the country often feels left behind, and I want to get us ahead of the curve in terms of supplying healthier food options.”

The Salad Station co-founder and President Scott Henderson noted that, as brand enthusiasts who are embedded in the Gulfport community, the Hagins are at a great advantage.

“Tracy knows all about healthy eating thanks to her time in the medical field, and she can connect our brand with medical center employees in the area,” Henderson said. “As for Greg, he is thrilled to realize his lifelong dream of owning his own business. What’s more, they appreciate the work-life balance The Salad Station affords them and share our brand’s family-centered, Christian values, such as being closed on Sundays.”

The leadership team is confident the Hagins will represent The Salad Station well in the Gulfport area. Henderson noted that Gulfport does not have many restaurants that offer healthy eating options and pointed to the success of the D’Iberville store.

“The Salad Station’s D’Iberville store has been a huge success from day one,” Henderson said. “The big demand for healthy eating options in D’Iberville points to a larger need in the region. The Hagins will be an unstoppable force in the Gulfport community.”

The Hagins are thrilled they decided to franchise with The Salad Station and are excited for this new chapter in their lives.

“The Salad Station provides an affordable meal that someone can pick up quickly or eat in the restaurant,” Hagin said. “It’s convenient and healthy, and this part of the country, especially, needs options like this.”

The startup costs for a franchise with The Salad Station are around $300,000. To learn more about franchising with The Salad Station, visit saladstationfranchise.com. Stay connected with your local Salad Station Gulfport on Facebook.

Article Written by No Limit Agency 2019. Updated by Salad Station, 2021.

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