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3 Reasons for Moms to Pursue Franchise Ownership

Updated: May 22, 2021

Salad Station Gonzales Franchisees
The Womack Family - Salad Station Franchisees. Gonzales, LA & Mobile, AL Locations.

Mothers make the best entrepreneurs. The same supermom skills it takes to nourish their chicks, keep a house from burning down, and still always find a way to get the entire family sound asleep are the same skills that make up a successful businesswoman. Mothers are strong, selfless, and dedicated - the perfect recipe for success. Are you ready to start your own business, give back to your community, and spread a healthy lifestyle? Opening a franchise may be the perfect fit. Here are three reasons for moms to pursue franchise ownership with Salad Station.

1.New Business Opening Support.

Cindy Henderson, Founder. Scott Henderson, Founder/CEO, Les & Elizabeth Barnett, D'Iberville, MS Franchisees.
Cindy Henderson, Founder. Scott Henderson, Founder/CEO, Les & Elizabeth Barnett, D'Iberville, MS Franchisees.

Many people have the dream of opening their own business, but the task seems overwhelming and scary. Where to start? What to do? What steps to take? Franchises have a support system to assist with real estate searches, planning, permitting, and other tasks associated with opening a business. When opening a franchise, the franchise support team's guidance and expertise take the unknown and fears out of opening a business.

2. Work Flexibility - Time For Family.

Raymond Family. Salad Station Franchisees, Slidell, LA Location.
Raymond Family. Salad Station Franchisees, Slidell, LA Location.

Moms want more than just staying at home or feeling stuck with their current careers. As a franchise owner, you are in complete control of your schedule and work-life balance. Not only does owning a Salad Station franchise give you the ability to find your work-life balance, but it also allows you to find ways of running operations that work best for you. Salad Station's peak hours at lunch and closed on Sunday fit perfectly with busy school, practice, and dinner schedules.

3. Bringing value to your community

Does your community lack quick and healthy food options? Be the hero of your community by opening a Salad Station franchise. Franchising makes it possible to be a hero to your local community by opening a family-oriented business that believes in fresh and healthy choices while giving back to communities. By opening a Salad Station franchise, you are investing in a business you will be proud to call your own.

The Russell Family. Salad Station Franchisees. Denham Springs, LA Location

If you think a franchise is the route you want to go for, we would love you to be the next Salad Station franchise owner. Contact us to learn more today!

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