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How My Family Celebrates Black History Month.

Johnnie May McDonald - Salad Station Blogger Contributor

February is Black History Month and one of my favorite times of the year. This month, more than ever, my family and I stop to absorb the weight of our ancestors and their stories. We strive to honor their pain, struggle, beauty, and perseverance.

How We Celebrate Black History Month

During Black History Month, and every day, we educate our children not only on the history of black people in America, but throughout time and every continent. We want them to see themselves in a variety of ways, doing a variety of things. This month is to be celebrated by everyone, not just black people.

Here are a few ways that we celebrate Black History Month. The ideas are great ways to celebrate all races & cultures.

  • Reading children's books with black people as central characters and positively represented

  • Watching fun & educational movies with black people as central characters and positively represented

  • Arts and crafts on different important figures in Black History

  • Puzzles inspired by Black figures

  • Honest conversations on racism as a family

Through the use of books, toys, movies, music, games, art, history and studies of different cultures, we reinforce one fundamental idea; black people can do anything and be anyone.

What Salad Station Means to My Family

One of my favorite ways to reinforce that idea is through food. We often associate black people with soul food, and for good reasons, however, there is a reemergence of black people looking for healthier options and reinventing classics. Because of a myriad of reasons, some black people, especially in urban or low-income areas, do not have direct access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Restaurants like Salad Station are a blessing because they provide access to fresh fruits and veggies. Salad Station makes it easy for my family and I to enjoy a warm soup or crispy salad, even when we’re in the city. This option promotes health and better choices.

There’s nothing like sitting down around the table with my family and enjoying a fresh meal from Salad Station. We are incredibly grateful to have access to resources like this. I hope to see more places like them popping up in underserved and urban areas.

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