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One Grand Prize Winner Found! You Could Be Next!

We had our first Summer Fun Grand Prize winner last week at the D'Iberville location! But don't worry, we have two more grand prize cards waiting to be found. Amanda Alves was more than excited when she turned in her four lemon cards along with the grand prize card. Our team went to visit her and asked a few questions.

Franchise owners and the 2021 Summer Fun Scratch-Off first Grand Prize Winners
Les Barnett, Elizabeth Barnett, Amanda Alves, Plinio Alves

Q: What prize are you choosing and why? What does this prize mean to you?

Amanda: I chose the Peloton bike because I do enjoy spinning, and I have not had time since moving and starting a new job. I actually work more now from home than at the office.

Q: How did you feel when you realized you won?

Amanda: My husband thought the grand prize card entered us into a drawing. We went online and looked at the terms and conditions and said “no, we really won!” We were really excited and surprised to win the grand prize. It’s a place (Salad Station) we enjoy coming to so we support that as well.

Q: How did you find out about Summer Fun?

Amanda: We come in all the time, and the first time we came in since the game started, they gave us the card at check out. The grand prize card was the first one we found, and we realized we need four lemons. We thought “Is it hard to find the lemons? What’s the catch?” But the next time we came, that’s what we got. We were like “Oh we have to come twice a week now.” We just came more and more, completed the set and that was that.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Salad Station?

Amanda: My favorite thing is how fresh the ingredients are. We came from Florida, they had a similar concept and we enjoyed

going to it, but there wasn’t all this variety of fresh ingredients. When we came to scout the area for a house, we saw a post about Salad Station on the military page (Facebook), somebody saying “Here is a healthy option” because there aren’t that many healthy options in this area. And I was like “Oh, we need to go there.” We came and there was the Christian theme, love that. We knew we needed to live close to here. We come here a lot. We actually live 5 minutes away from here. We come almost weekly, we love the soups.

Q: What’s your favorite soup on the menu?

Amanda's Husband, Plinio: Crawfish Soup!

Amanda: For sure, yes! We hadn’t had crawfish before coming to Mississippi, and he loves Pepper Jack cheese. So we had to try it! Another thing we like here too, is the owners really being here. We saw the difference. We kept seeing Elizabeth here and we thought “Oh, she must be the owner” then we saw Les, he was coming to the tables , talking to people. We were like “wow, they’re cleaning tables here” you know? Things you don’t usually see from owners.

Q: Do you have a health tip you want to share, it doesn’t have to be physical health it could be mental, spiritual, anything you feel makes you live a better life?

Amanda: I think the only health tip I would say is we are mind, body, and spirit. I think if we take care of all those three we’re good to go. The more we take care of one, the more you want to take care of the others too; it’s kind of like a ripple effect with taking care of your self. I think here (Salad Station) we take care of our body and our spirit, the mind too because you get such a welcoming environment. For me that’s the big one, focusing on that.

It was so fun to meet Amanda and her husband. We hope they enjoy their new Peloton bike and know we'll be seeing them again soon.

It's not too late for you to win too! Our Summer Fun game is still going and there's plenty of prizes left! Learn more about Summer Fun and how you can be our next winner here.

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