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Changing lives, One Salad at a Time

A touching story from 11 year old Laken was shared with us by his mother Genre. His heartwarming review made us drop a few tears. With permission from Laken and mom, we wanted to share his sweet review of a life changing Salad Station salad (see below video & review).

Laken, who was diagnosed with Autism and Developmental Delay at the age of 2 made the choice to go to Salad Station for the first time and these are his words.

Feedbacks and real stories are what makes us keep thriving to a better and healthier future. Reviews like this are what our Salad Station Family works every day for. Our main goal is to keep giving people endless opportunities to change their lives, one salad at a time.

We can wait to see you back in our stores Laken, be adventouros and gourmet your way!

"My son was diagnosed with Autism and Developmental Delay at the age of 2. His diagnosis ness accompanied by a texture disorder as well as numerous of food allergies, therefore, healthy choices has never been his first choice. He literally eats the same food everyday and a lot of them are unhealthy due to the texture disorder. He would gag on fruits and vegetables and even has saw a nutritionist but it didn’t help much. His weight has always been a concern so after leaving his appointment today, I offered to bring him to Salad Station instead of Sonic. I told him to just give it a try and thankfully, he loves it, especially the Italian dressing! He asked me if he could let Salad Station know just how much he likes his salad. In 11 years,he has never eaten a full salad,only little bites of lettuce and croutons. I think Salad Station is a winner for him and the start of a new journey of eating healthy. We will work on adding veggies later but this is major progress. He said he feels like a new person! Lol! He wanted me to share this video and we both want to say thank you!! Job well done on tasty,fresh ingredients that has my son with a new outlook on foods. This is greatly appreciated! We will be back! Ps. He ate the entire salad".

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