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The Salad Station Safety Promise

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

We've always put food safety and sanitation first in our restaurants to protect our Salad Station staff and guests.

Because we care deeply about the magnitude of these uncertain times that COVID-19 has brought to all of us, we made a promise to be transparent about what we are implementing to increase our precautions.

Our main priority is to keep you and your family safe and comfortable while dining with us. See you at the bar!

Here are the safety measurements we have in place in our stores: 

In specific states where self-serve is not permitted, our friendly staff is willing to build our guests' favorite salad/wrap combination. Guests can walk the salad bar and indicate our team members which ingredients and quantities they want in their salad/wrap.

Our staff is committed to frequently wash their hands (at least every 30 minutes) and get a new set of gloves after transitioning from the bar to the cashier on every transaction. Gloves are being disposed after processing payment and returning to food preparation.

The use of a face mask is mandatory for all of our team members and customers inside the store and can only be taking off when eating.

We have social distancing floor indicators placed 6ft apart from each other starting at the immediate entry, at the salad bar, then continue 6ft apart to the hot bar, register, and beverage station.

Our team members are committed to sanitize all surfaces every hour (or more often as needed). Tables, counters, door handles and knobs, beverage dispenser handles, credit card readers, iPads for ordering, telephones, and salad bar surroundings are being sanitized.

Salad Station has always been known for practicing the most strict safety measurements when it comes to food preparation. Our cook prep and members are committed to manipulate the produce and products adequately and always wearing gloves and masks.

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