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Salad Station & The American Heart Association

Salad Station Hearts Donation
Salad Station Donation to The American Heart Association 2021.

Salad Station teamed up with the American Heart Association to help support efforts to raise public awareness and fight against heart disease, which kills more than one in three women in the United States each year. As part of our commitment to the association, Salad Station and its charitable foundation, "Lettuce Help" raised through all our Salad Station stores over $2,500 in February, 2021.

Through Feb 4th until Feb 20th, 2021, customers who made a contribution of $1 to the American Heart Association at their local Salad Station store received a heart for them to write their name on it and place it on to a "hearts designated spot" in our stores.

A special thank you to all our customers and franchises for their support and for being part of our Salad Station Lettuce Help initiative. With the continuing help of our passionate franchisees and customers, we look forward to serving as a catalyst to improve the lives of many more people nationwide through this and many more initiatives.

For more information about Salad Stations Lettuce Help Initiatives, or to submit an application to host a fundraiser at any Salad Station Store, please visit. .

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