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Meal Prep Combo- By Clean Kitchen

Anna Gaston

Clean Kitchen Coach and Precision Nutrition Level 1, pursuing Level 2.

Shrimp Noodles Salad Station
Shrimp Zoodles Bowl- Salad Station


Life gets so busy. And life can get in the way of things we want most out of, well, life. Weird huh? The one thing we want to improve can be the one thing we think is standing in our way.

Many clients who join the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge start their journey thinking the real change they seek is impossible. How can you make “life” stop being so crazy in order to have time to get life going they way you really want?

As a coach for the Clean Kitchen program, my job is to help my clients navigate what they see as limiting factors keeping them from their goals, and find simple solutions around those problems.

One big limiting factor for everyone is “time.” It takes time and energy to overhaul everything. But we waste loads of time just thinking and analyzing how and what we needs to change instead of actually taking a step.

That is where we come in. We are really good at putting things into action around here, backed with boat-loads of knowledge. Action is more important than knowing, because all the knowledge in the world means nothing if you do not know how to apply it.

Even though you may have a big change to make, you can still break down into smaller, more mangle steps. And most of those steps have to do with simple habit changes. Simple habit changes add up to huge results. And The Clean Kitchen Challenge proves this over and over again with our client success stories.

One of those simple steps is finding as easy, stress-free place to eat while on the go. A place you know you can whip in and out, without having to use a lot of willpower to make good food choices. I don’t know about you, but I am always on the go. Some days it feels like there is never enough time to get all the things done. But the to-do list always keeps growing.

Salad station is one of my “go to” eating out restaurants. I love the selection of the fresh produce and great salad options to grab on the go, and even do “mini meal preps” for the day if I did not have time to pack lunch or snacks for the day. There has been many days where I go in for lunch, but come out with not only a snack for mid-afternoon, but also dinner to go!

I choose my bowls based off filling my CK Habits that we teach through the Clean Kitchen 12 Week program. I always focus on adding in a lean protein source and loading up on the veggies!

Two of my favorite combos to meal prep are my “shrimp avocado zoodle bowl” and my “Tomato basil Chicken zoodle bowl”. Both of these bowls fill my CK Habits, but also give me flavor variety and I don’t have to eat the same thing twice in one day. I can always count on Salad Station to save the day, especially on those days when you just don’t feel like cooking. Plus who doesn’t love a good fresh salad!!

Hope you enjoy my bowls! 

Shrimp Avocado ZoodleBowl 


Sliced tomatoes 




CK Lemon Parmesan Vinaigrette dressing 


Tomato Basil Chicken Zoodle Bowl 




sun dried tomatoes

drizzle of Tomato basil soup for the sauce 



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