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Make This New Season BERRY Sweet!

By Laura Brooks Thomas, Salad Station Blogger Contributor.

Being in Louisiana, I feel so fortunate to have local strawberries available to me every Spring. Spring is my favorite season, not only for the beautiful blooming azaleas and other flower blooms, but also for the perfect produce season. Ponchatoula, LA and the surrounding towns in Tangipahoa Parish provide the best climate for the strawberry crop to grow and flourish every year. I enjoy eating strawberries raw, right after they are washed and picked from local strawberry farms like Ms. Heather’s Strawberry Farm and Liuzza Land. It is such a fulfilling experience to eat or cook something that you have picked yourself.

In addition to eating them raw or just sliced on their own, I love to add strawberries to my salads. They add a sweet addition and new flavor to an otherwise boring salad. My favorite salad recipe includes shredded roasted chicken, feta cheese, blueberries, strawberries, roasted pecans, and homemade peppercorn and poppyseed dressing from The Salad Station.

Another salad recipe that I LOVE for late Spring/Summer is pesto chicken on a bed of romaine lettuce with grilled mushrooms, cheese, avocado, tomatoes, sweet dill pickles and a boiled egg. Something about the sweet and sour flavors together, provides the perfect taste for a light, Spring/Summer meal on the go.

These creations taste delicious all year round, but there seems to be something about this time of year that provides the perfect opportunity to add fresh produce to your plate. I know I am looking forward to longer days of sunlight to be outside and visiting local establishments like Salad Station, where you know the produce is guaranteed provided through local farmers and vendors.

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