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Fall Date Ideas🍁

Johnnie May McDonald- Salad Station Blog Contributor

Since Autumn has officially arrived, cozy weather and all, it’s time to think about fun fall date ideas! This time of year usually makes couples want to slow down and cozy up together. Although fall brings tons of family activities, events, and holiday get-togethers, it’s still important to maintain the fun of date night and the need for healthy living. Here are a few fall date ideas.

At-Home Date Night Ideas

1. Romantic Candlelit Dinner. Nothing screams romance like a simple dinner, candlelight, and sweet music playing gently in the background. This will give you and your spouse a little time to talk and communicate with each other. If you’re short on time, swing by Salad Station and grab your favorite salad or meal from the hot bar.

2. At-Home Spa Night. Everyone loves to be pampered. You and your spouse can break out the facial masks, enjoy massages or give each other pedicures.

3. Karaoke Night. Yup! You read that right. It’s time to break out the hairbrushes and dust off your favorite 90s jams for karaoke night! There are tons of sing-a-longs on YouTube for free! It’ll be fun to sing your hearts out with each other.

4. Game Night. We often forget the fun of a good card game and how it can bring out our deepest laughter and good-natured-competitive sides. Simply, pick out your favorite card game!

5. In-Door Picnic. Grab some blankets, pillows, and your favorite meal from Salad Station. Cozy up with your loved one while watching a good - or bad movie. In-door picnics are simple. All you need is your living room floor, good food, and your favorite person. This Is perfect for fall since it’s often chilly outside.

6. Bake Together. Fall is full of baked goods,

and baking together is always a sweet and romantic activity. Take a few moments and bake your favorite dessert together. While it’s

in the oven, enjoy a fresh and healthy dinner from Salad Station. We’ll take care of dinner while you handle dessert.

7. Movie Marathon. Why not pick your favorite series and binge-watch some movies? Grab some popcorn, your favorite candy, and a warm blanket to set a relaxed mood.

8. Virtual Workout Class. Most people barely have time to go to the gym. So you and your bae probably don’t have time to work out together every day. There are thousands of free workouts online that you and your spouse can take a few minutes and enjoy together. Throw in a few weights or make a smoothie together after the workout is over to make it extra special.

9. Wine Tasting. Grab a few wines and set up a wine tasting. Grab a local wine, one that you’ve always wanted to try, and maybe one or two unique wines that you wouldn’t normally try. Who knows, you two may find a new favorite to share! This idea also works with soda or even beer.

10. Make a vision board. Put your creative and communicative hats on for this one. This is a great opportunity for the two of you to share your ideas and vision for the next few months, years, or phases of your relationship. Grab some used magazines, poster board, glue, and markers. Then sit down and create together.

Date Night doesn’t have to be an afterthought or a foregone pastime. Let Salad Station help you keep it fun and romantic. Use the new Salad Station app to order ahead and carry out your favorite meal. Salad Station is also a great place for a quick mid-week lunch date when life gets busy!

No matter how you get it done, Salad Station is here to help. Happy Fall y'all!

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