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DIY Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are a great way to stay in touch with your friends and family and spread cheer. Make this year's cards extra special by involving the little ones!

  1. Collect all your materials: cardstock, glitter stickers, double-sided foam tape, stamps, inks, color markers and pens, pencil, glue stick, and ruler.

  2. Mark 8 inches by 5 inches, each one of these makes one card.

  3. Cut rectangles out and fold them in half.

  4. Card 1: Make a pattern with the stickers

  5. Card 2: Make a pattern with stickers, leave space for text. Stamp your text on a separate cardstock or paper. Cut text to the desired shape. Cut double-sided foam tape (smaller than text, so it won't show.) Add text to cover in the blank area.

  6. Card 3: Stamp your character. Add some color with markers and pens. Cut out character. Cut double-sided foam tape (smaller than character.) Add character to cover and decorate using stickers.

  7. Share with your friends and family!

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