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Creating New Lifestyle Habits- By Clean Kitchen

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Jordan Wood

Clean Kitchen Coach and Precision Nutrition Level 1

The Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge is not a “challenge” to lose the most weight. Yeah, we do have a winner of $1000, but many times the winner is not the one who lost the “most weight,” but instead had the most change in pictures as a result of being very consistent with the habits we teach. After all, the number on the scale is just a number, and no one ever really knows your “number.”

Our goal is to get clients consistently “adding in the good” rather than consistently focusing on things they can not really control, like how fast the scale changes. We take out all the crazy diet strategies you think you need and focus on eating habits you can stick with for life. The “challenge” is to change your lifestyle habits. Change your lifestyle habits and you will watch everything else fall into place naturally.

So what are lifestyle habits?

These are things you do automatically, like brushing your teeth in the morning or switching on a light when you walk into a room. You do this without thinking. And eating habits should be thought of exactly the same way.

No matter who you are or how motivated you are, you will eventually fall back on the foundation you have built over a lifetime of habits. You should never rely completely on willpower. Willpower is like gas in a car. It will eventually run out. And what is left when you run out of that willpower? What do you do you fall back on?

What do your eating habits look like on your worst day when everything hits the fan?

This is the question I want to know of every CK Client. The answer will tell you what your automatic eating habits are.

Do you still drink more water than other calorie beverages? Do you still eat whole foods (plants and proteins) at majority of your meals? If you answered “no” to these questions, you are the person who does not need to look for the next “quick fix” gimmick to take you to the health of your dreams. You need to focus on your foundational habits— sleep, water, plants, protein— and then build from there.

These are things our clients get on auto-pilot doing when they join the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge. And this is why our clients have so much success during, and even more importantly, well past their CK Challenge. Check out client progress pictures here!

Why do our clients have so much success?

Because life gets unpredictable, and we teach how to navigate those crazy parts of life while keeping your eating habits in line with your goal.

One of those strategies is knowing where you can get a habit-filling meal, without stressing, and you need it fast! Salad Station is the best place for a stop and go meal. First, you know it's going to be a habit meeting meal. Second, you know all the ingredients are going to fresh. It's a no brainer!

I have always enjoyed Salad Station and the many combos that you can create. When they added zoodles to the bar, I was so excited. Even MORE combos to play around with. 

One of my favorite zoodle combinations is what I like to call the “Mediterranean Zoodle Bowl.”

The Mediterranean Zoodle bowl is loaded with all the macronutrients that will keep you satisfied!

Here's how you can create your own:

Mediterranean Salad Salad Station

Mediterranean Zoodle Bowl

• Shrimp or roasted chicken

• Zoodles

• Spinach

• 1 scoop quinoa

• Cucumbers

• Sun dried tomatoes

• Red onion

• Chickpeas or hummus (I prefer hummus)

• Olives

and a sprinkle of feta

Mix it all together like a pasta bowl and the hummus is like the sauce!

Maybe you don’t feel like eating a salad today?

Maybe you feel like eating something sweet?

Well, we did just that and basically made breakfast for lunch or dinner.

Now, hear me out for this next combination that I enjoy. It sounds crazy, but don’t knock it until you try it. Sometimes, I'm craving something sweet, but I still want to stay in line with my goals and eating habits.

On the hot bar is where you can find baked sweet potatoes. We LOVE roasted sweet potatoes. Sometimes I even grab a few for dinner at Salad Station when I don’t have time to cook them myself.

But this Salad Station combo has nothing to do with salads or even dinner. It could be a breakfast or even dessert. Its a loaded sweet potato!

Enter the Berry Sweet Potato Parfait.

The Berry Sweet Potato Parfait may sound like a crazy combo, but our CK taste buds don't lie. The CK coaches were shocked, but this combo somehow just works! So maybe you don’t feel like eating a salad today, but that still doesn’t mean you can’t stay inline with your goals!

Here's how you can make your own Berry Sweet Potato Parfait.

Grab a sweet potato from the hot bar

Vanilla greek yogurt (Salad Station uses sugar free)



Sprinkle on some almonds

Brown Sugar

Delish! You could add a boiled egg on the side for your protein serving to make the meal complete! 

I hope you enjoy these Salad Station combos as much as I do! 

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