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Best Bodyweight Workouts: No equipment needed.

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

By Chandler Davis - Coach at Crossfit Franco's/ Salad Station Blog Contributor.

Right now getting into a routine can be very hard. Trying to figure out new school schedules, getting back to working… at work, and even the increasingly difficult mundane tasks like going to the grocery store can make for some real curveballs that make any sort of ‘normal’ routine seem impossible to find. And what about a gym routine? Now, more than ever, keeping on top of our physical health is paramount. If fitting the gym into your routine has been a struggle, try out these seven at home, bodyweight - no equipment needed workouts to make sure to keep your health a priority. 

Workout #1

Air Squats

Sit Ups 

Push Ups 

-For this workout perform 21 reps of a bodyweight (air) squat, then 21 sit ups, then 21 push ups. Then 15 of each, and finally 9 of each. 

Workout #2

20 minute EMOM, (EVERY MINUTE ON THE MINUTE) alternating movements: 

15 Jump Squats 

10 Burpees 

For this workout set a running clock and at the top of each minute perform the reps of one of the movements. The rest of the minute you rest. Try to keep the work at or below: 40 each round. Modify reps if needed to get the work done in that time frame. Alternate movements each minute (you’ll do 10 rounds of each movement). 

Workout #3

5 rounds - :30 work / :30 rest

Alternating Lunges 

Alternating Superman’s 

Shoulder Taps 

Alternating Single Leg V Ups 

-For this workout perform 30 seconds alternating lunges, 30 seconds rest, 30 seconds alternating Superman’s, 30 seconds rest, etc. until you’ve completed 5 rounds through each movement. 

Workout #4:

AMRAP 25:00min 

10 Inch Worms 

15 Hollow Rocks 

20 Alternating Cossack Squats 

25 Sit-Ups 

-For this workout work through the movements in order, performing as many rounds + reps as possible in 25 minutes. (Once you complete 10, 15, 20, 25 reps, start a new round - perform as much work as possible in 25:00). 

Workout #5: 

For time:

100 Spider-Man Push Ups  

100 Burpees 

100 Reverse Lunges Steps 

*May partition any way. 

-For this workout, perform 100 reps of each of the three movements. You can split up the reps from each movement any way you’d like. 

Workout #6: 

50-40-30-20-10 reps of: 

Push Ups 

Glute Bridge Sit Ups 

-For this workout perform 50 push ups, 50 glute bridge sit ups, 40 push ups, 40 glute bridge sit ups, etc. until you’ve completed 10 push ups and 10 glute bridge sit ups. 

Workout #7 - Active recovery

Active Recovery:

Jog 2:00, Walk 1:00 

Jog 4:00, Walk 2:00 

Jog 8:00, Walk 4:00 

Jog 4:00, Walk 2:00 

Jog 2:00, Walk 1:00 

-For this workout perform on a 30-minute running clock. Jog at about an 80-85% pace, then walk for the allotted time domains. 

Usually what I recommend for clients is that they do something more than they don’t. So in a seven day week, do something for four days. Whether that’s four of the above workouts, or 2 of the above workouts and 2 days of walking, or any combination of activity; just try and move your body more days of the week than you don’t. Use these when you need a good idea for an at-home workout and let them help you keep your physical fitness a priority, even if you don’t have a ‘normal’ routine right now.

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